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12 month guarantee on new installations.

TV aerial price examples for standard domestic household:
1x full rig-
High gain digital aerial installed to chimney stack via heavy duty bracket. 1x TV point coaxial cable connection.
From £120.00

£15.00-£30.00 per extra room connected.

Sales and installation of:
FreeviewHD, FreesatHD, YouviewHD and SkyHD receivers.

Depending on area and position of aerial on property a splitter could be fitted, which is the cheapest way to possibly connect more than 1 TV. Or possibility of an amplifier may be required depending on signal received for your area and amount of TVs connected to the aerial system.
Amplifiers may need mains connection (if installed in loft space). Or a masthead amplifier and power supply unit can be installed without the need of direct mains power to amplifier (up to a 4 way) can be fitted direct to mast outside or in any other central position like a loft. the power for this amplifier is provided by a small booster like box which would be installed behind 1 of the televisions connected to amplifier.
These amplifiers usually range between £19.99 - £49.99, depending on type and output capacity.

There are many different systems which can be installed for:
Domestic houses
TV aerial, Sky, FM/DAB for communal systems (new build apartment blocks or upgrading on older TV system)
Commercial properties.
So often a site survey is required.
If you have any questions or require a quotation then please get in contact via email, text or phone.
phone:07980 963 399